Servicomp is a supplier of technical products and services, specialist in air compressors, tools, and equipment for industrial and medical/dental use. It was founded in Santiago de Chile in 1985, giving continuity to the commercial activities developed by the Kralemann family since 1946, when they emigrated from Germany and settled in Chile to start the international trading company Kralemann Representaciones Extranjeras, responsible for introducing prestigious European, American and Asian brands into the country, such as Nicholson, Crescent, Lufkin, Weller, Wiss, Campbell, Allen, L&W, Geodore, Schulz, Somar, Twill, Rohm, Sata, Helios, etc.

In 2000, due to the incorporation of the current owners of Servicomp, the company left behind its historical business model of commission agents, taking a step forward to become a company that imports and distributes technical equipment, services and engineering, achieving success and national and international recognition. In 2012, Servicomp built 1,500 m2 of new offices, service workshops and showroom, to sustain its fast growth and to properly present and support the new brands that joined the business. Servicomp currently has commercial alliances with suppliers in Italy, Holland, Japan, Korea, China, Brazil, etc., consolidating a portfolio of high quality products, that fill us of satisfaction and pride, and which are sold under the original brands of their manufacturers or under their exclusive brands, AirOne®, Welldent® and Wellmade®.

Servicomp has also developed commercial alliances with important wholesale customers, distributors such as Sodimac, Easy, Construmart, MTS, Chilemat, Dental and also with many important retail customers or end users, including the main companies of various industrial sectors of the country such as health, mining, manufacturing, food, agriculture, construction, etc.

Among many other recognitions, the “Competitive Management Quality Award”, granted by the State of Chile through the Ministry of Economy and the Council of ChileCalidad, stands out. This top award has been received twice, first under the administration of the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet, and then under the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera. We can also highlight our certifications granted by prestigious certification companies like UKAS and Bureau Veritas. We are currently certified under the latest version of the ISO-9001 quality standard.

Strategic Business Unit (SBU)

1.- Retail sale of products to companies and end users:

We serve end users, from individuals and small businesses to large companies, hospitals, universities, industries, mining and energy companies, offering them mainly equipment and accessories for the generation, treatment and distribution of compressed air, as well as many other complementary products and services.

2.- Wholesale of products to resellers and distributors:

We import and distribute tools and technical equipment nationwide. Our customers are the largest hardware stores, chain stores and dental companies in the country. We offer training for their salespeople, technical advice, logistical support and warranty of the products marketed, achieving strong and long-lasting business relationships with all of them. We also maintain the original business model that gave life to our company over 60 years ago. We are the commission sales agent or sales representative of foreign companies: we offer sales representative services to foreign companies that want to participate in the Chilean and South American market. We offer the factories to develop the commercial and marketing strategies required for successful sales in our markets, search for importer customers, assess credits, etc.

3.- Services, Projects and Engineering:

We meet the needs of companies that require services in the areas of compressed air projects and maintenance; we supply equipment (oil free, high power, high energy efficiency, tanks, dryers); piping in general; assembly of networks for compressed air and gases. We have also added to our offer of multi-brand technical maintenance and repair service, a predictive maintenance division for rotary equipment (engines, centrifugal pumps, fans, extractors, screw compressors, reducers, crushers, etc.). These inspections are carried out with vibration analysis techniques, thermography, oil analysis and with ultrasound techniques, which we use for inspection and detection of leaks in pipes and tanks. Each of these services is offered under the modality of permanent contracts and/or as specific services.

Servicomp aims to be a great company. It is recognized in Chile and abroad for the quality of its products, its excellent customer service and for the reliability and honesty that inspire its entire organization.

We are suppliers of technical solutions and offer our clients in Chile and South America industrial and medical-dental equipment, technical service and high quality engineering. We seek growth through related diversification which allows us to optimize the value system in which we participate, thus setting us apart from our competitors.

At Servicomp we are constantly seeking customer satisfaction. We build business relationships based on values of respect, honesty and transparency, which results in the compliance with the commitments made and the appropriate technical and commercial advice to our customers, offering them functional solutions in a timely manner and in accordance with their real needs, contributing to their efficiency and competitiveness.